TITLE: Security Shift Supervisor


REPORTS TO: Security Director

SUPERVISES: Assistant Security Supervisor, Lead Security Officer, Floor Security Officers Selection process: written test and oral interview

EXPERIENCE AND QUALIFICATIONS PROFILE: Minimum of two years of experience in security, casino security or law enforcement required. Six (6) months experience with Jackpot Junction Casino Hotel (JJCH) Security department as an Assistant Security Supervisor or one year supervisory experience in security or law enforcement required. E.M.T./First Responder, CPR and First-Aid certification or certification within six months of promotion required. Good communication and report writing skills. Must possess a valid driver’s license (if applicant possesses an out of state driver’s license, must obtain a Minnesota driver’s license within 30 days of hire.)

SKILLS, KNOWLEDGE AND ATTRIBUTES: 1. Knowledge of JJCH and Security Department Policies and Procedures 2. Excellent oral and written communication skills 3. Knowledge of casino gaming, Blackjack, Slots, Bingo, etc. 4. Knowledge in conducting investigations and documentation for further criminal proceedings. 5. Knowledge of various forms of identification. 6. Ability to maintain a strict level of confidentiality. 7. Knowledge of Jackpot Casino floor plan. 8. Possess and maintain a valid state driver license. 9. Effective communication with directors, managers and employees. 10. Must possess sensitivity to Native American Culture and respect for all cultures. 

DEPARTMENT: Security FUNCTION: Maintains a safe and secure environment, by displaying exceptional leadership and supervisory skills. Protects the property and assets of Jackpot Junction Casino Hotel and exhibits a friendly, courteous manner by exercising good customer relations.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: 1. Supervises and monitors the duties of all regular security guards during each shift. 2. Maintains daily shift reports and incident reports with all pertinent information, detailing the events and activities of the prescribed shift. 3. Display an excellent degree of customer relations and provide customer service. 4. Provides aid and attends to ill or injured customers and employees by providing adequate medical attention. 5. Assists and cooperates with all local, state and federal law enforcement agencies 6. Coordinates and organizes all emergency services for traffic accidents, fires, bomb threats, bad weather, etc. 7. Verifies all daily bank deposits and properly visualizes all deposit bags are properly secured. 8. Organizes all regular security guard breaks and assists as necessary to maintain a smooth operation. 9. Maintains a good communication link with surveillance operators. 10. Communicate effectively with a wide variety of persons and culture. 11. Provides random foot patrols around the entire Casino/Hotel complex on a regular basis. 12. Maintains a neat and professional appearance and image. 13 Performs other duties and responsibilities as assigned. 14. Regular attendance necessary. 15. Regular punctuality necessary. 16. Available and willing to work any changes in hours on the schedule at anytime during employment.

NON-ESSENTIAL FUNCTION: Present oneself as a credit to Jackpot Junction Casino Hotel and encourage others to do so also.

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: 1. Must be physically fit for continuous mobility throughout the facility, and to control unruly guests. 2. Must be able to pass pre-employment and semi-annual physical agility tests. 3. Able to work under stressful conditions in a stressful environment. 4. Must be able to work in a smoking environment. 5. Must have correctable sight to a minimum of 20/40. 6. Good hearing.

DISCLAIMER: This is not necessarily an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, skills, duties, requirements, efforts or working conditions associated with the job. While this is intended to be an accurate reflection of the current job, management reserves the right to revise the job or to require that other or different tasks be performed when circumstances change (e.g. emergencies, changes in personnel, workload, rush jobs or technical developments).

ETHICS CODE: I will not offer, solicit or otherwise enter into any agreement or transaction for personal use or advancement with any vendor or potential vendor. I understand that there can be no conflict of interest between myself and vendors or potential vendors.